Garrett Gottlob Bio

Gottlob-GarrettHey, my name is Garrett Gottlob and I am the new Co-Director of Discipleship for Youth and Their Families. Alongside my new position, I am also starting a Masters in Youth Ministry program in the Fall, at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, in order to further my knowledge in how to best reach today’s youth. I wanted to take some time to tell you a little bit more about myself and my passion for youth. I was born and raised in Riverside California to my parents, Helen and David. I have two siblings, a younger brother, Daniel, and an older sister, Brittney. After finishing high school, I attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara where I majored in Religious Studies (Coincidently I recently found out that Rev. Philip also attended College at Westmont). I choose this major because I felt God was calling me to work in Youth Ministry to invest the knowledge and the talents that He had given me in the next generation.

I graduated in Spring of 2015 and got an internship at a church in the San Francisco Bay Area. There my Pastor introduced me on my second day on the job to my now wife, Christina. He told me that we should talk and we haven’t stopped talking since. We got married on March 25th, 2017. I look forward to many more years of talking to her.

My goal in ministry is to want to walk alongside the students as they encounter various life circumstances and help to disciple them and guide them in their individual journeys. I want to make disciples that will in turn make disciples and help to make a lasting impact in building the Kingdom of God. .