Redefining Busy

by Jennifer Acker Busy: adjective (‘bi-zē) | engaged in action, full of activity; marked by much life Synonyms: active, bustling, hopping, knee-deep, swamped, absorbed, engrossed, flourishing, immersed, overflowing, engaged, and thriving. Forms of busy: Busily, busyness, busied, busying The Children’s Ministry schedule was busier than usual in mid-January, REALLY busy. January 18-24 was exceptionally busy…

The Cabin

by Rev. Matt Ybañez There is a cabin in southeast Arkansas. You would never find it unless you were looking for it. The cabin is hidden in a maze of gravel logging roads. The closest paved road is about 20 or so minutes away and the closest town is called Warren, Arkansas (population 5,582). The…

What Are You Teaching?

I have had many profound learning experiences in my life. Many of those experiences happened in the classroom or in the sanctuary.

Boldly Going All In by Rev. Clint Jones

I found myself stomach high in the frigid water, thinking okay this is enough. But something inside of me said, “You need to go all in.” Clenching my nose, I sucked in a breath of air, and pushed myself under.

New Every Morning by: Sarah Garza

“New” can bring on a sense of joy. “New” can bring on a sense of anxiety. Whatever emotion is elicited, the thing about “new” is that it fades.