I once read that a baby needs around 1,000 repetitions of a word to learn it, and that a toddler needs around 50 repetitions. This seems like an awful lot of repetition! Yet, at the same time I know that I need the benefit of repeated lessons just as much.

Ashes and Sackcloth and the Hope of Lent

In the Bible, those who are in mourning, those who are repenting, those who are lamenting, wear sackcloth and ashes…I’ve never worn sackcloth, but as we begin looking toward Lent, ashes keep returning to my mind.

Giving Thanks in the Small Things

The Bible says, “In everything, give thanks because this is the will of God for you.” If we are so busy looking for things we do not have or do not like, we forget about the blessings already given to us.