Health and Fitness by: Sarah Garza

Though there was sweat during the workout and an aching in my muscles afterward, it felt like good work…so I went back again and again…I go because I know that it is good for me, but I also go because of the people that we meet.

The Sacred Present by: Cathy Cartmill

I remember another day of uncertainty. It was the day my mother had a massive stroke. In a moment, the lives of everyone in my family were changed forever.

Refrigerator-worthy by: Joshua Sams

With that in mind, our conversation turned from the standard media of art—oil, marble, bronze, etc.—to a nontraditional medium: our relationships. Do our relationships garner the same reaction from God that I longed to see on my mother’s face? Is he proud of our relationship? Does He see His love shining through us? Would God hang our relationship on His heavenly refrigerator?

My Daughter will Never be an Astronaut by: Rev. Matt Ybanez

The scary question for me is this: What have I shown my kids unknowingly; when I thought they weren’t listening, or they were out of earshot, or I just assumed they were too little to understand? What have they learned from me that I did not intend to teach? That’s the stuff of nightmares…