Makers and Dreamers

I mean, I knew there were people who liked to craft or had hobbies, but I didn’t know about the ‘maker culture’. this maker culture is WAY beyond Pinterest and WAY beyond Etsy.

No-maintenance Fish Tank

Keeping a fish tank is not a passive activity. It requires a lot of careful action and attention to things that easily go unseen, but are right under the surface. You’ve probably figured out that I’m not talking about fish tanks anymore. 

Have You Lamented Lately?

Did you know that nearly one half of the Book of Psalms are of lament and complaint? It seems that in the voicing of lament, we are not just complaining to God, but that we somehow meet God, and are transformed by it.

Summer Reading – #OwnVoices

#OwnVoices is a movement that began in children’s literature and has expanded to all literature. I know that many people are currently reading non-fiction about racism in America. I am as well, but I always come back to fiction to get a fuller picture of the lived experiences of people.

What Does It Matter?

“We use to make cars, but now we are making ventilators!” When these ads started running, I wasn’t sure what I thought about them.

Jesus Nut

“God doesn’t call those who are equipped, God equips those who are called.” I guess it was only just now that I realized he was referencing 1 Corinthians 27-29.

Pruning in the Time of COVID-19

It is one of those things that I know is SUPPOSED to help my plants look better, but cutting them back always has seemed so sad to me.

Blessings of the Ordinary

What is the “divine possibility” that is to be found in the “ordinary” of my life these days?