If You Don’t Have Hope, Why Bother?

What am I doing to preserve our home planet? What am I doing to conserve our precious natural resources? Am I doing all I can?” The answer was no. But, reading Jane Goodall’s words gives me hope that I will do more.

Walk Your Wheels

I want to spend less time rushing around and spinning my wheels. I’m excited to see what happens as I intentionally slow my roll and “walk my wheels”. I wonder what you will notice or spend time doing if you also try “walking your wheels” for a bit.

How Tall is the Jesus Window?

The idea behind collective reasoning is that when a group of people apply brainpower to a problem, their collective wisdom can round out any one person’s error(s) in judgement. So in theory, the average of all of our collective answers to the question, “How many feet tall is the Jesus window?” would be closer to the actual answer than any one particular person’s answer.


The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly has always been imagery I connect with, especially during times of change and, in many ways, this new knowledge gave it even deeper meaning. 

Word, Service, Compassion and Justice

“I’m a Deacon.” That’s a sentence I have said or written many times over the past few years. It’s often met with confused looks because “deacon” means different things to different people and within different denominations. As deacons across the world celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Order of Deacon in the United Methodist Church,…

Asking Questions

There is power in asking simple questions.  Especially when those questions are open ended questions. Not just a question that could be answered with a yes or a no, but the kind of question that invites reflection and elaboration. 

It’s the Season for Connection

While the pandemic and pastoral changes are both seasons of transition, neither has slowed down the work of God at FUMC Hurst. We’ve increased our creativity and worked to strengthen our connections.

A Backyard Sanctuary

I finished watering and took a chair, plunked it down on my dirt lawn and sat down. It was hard to admit but, despite the condition of my yard—the dead shrubs, the empty flower beds, it felt good to be outside.

Traditions vs. Trappings

There’s an underlying philosophy of “Why reinvent the wheel?” or “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”….I’m learning that it’s exciting to open our eyes to new possibilities. I wonder what traditions you need to review a little bit further? I wonder what trappings in your world need to be loosened?

Jump 4 Joy: It’s Official!

In our community as many as 37% of households fall below this survival budget threshold. This means that parents with full-time jobs may be earning enough for rent, or food, or childcare, but likely can’t afford all the things they need to survive.

Open My Eyes, That I May See

Do you ever have one of those days when you pause and don’t just look, but actually SEE what is happening around you and think, “Wow, God is doing some really cool things!”?  It happened to me last Sunday.

What Are You Learning?

Some of what we’ve learned was just for a time…But I hope that, as we begin to emerge from the pandemic, we keep the long-term things we have learned – how to love God in unforeseen circumstances and how to love our neighbors in new ways.