God Meets Us

God Meets Us In Our Big Feelings: Can God REALLY handle ALL of my Big Feelings?

Here We Go Again

A long time ago God did the things, and then Jesus did the things, and then Paul did the things, and now the church does the things, and I do the things, and one day, Jesus is coming back to do more things and we just gotta hold out ‘til then.

Snow Days

…loving and serving our neighbors begins with actually SEEING our neighbors and realizing that their realities and our realities are often different.

How a Rat and a Dream Brought People Together

Just over a month ago, our family sat down to watch a musical together. This isn’t a really rare occurrence for us; we love musicals. What made this musical different was that it was a musical created entirely during the pandemic by amateurs and professionals. Yes, we were watching Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical. TikTok is…


I once read that a baby needs around 1,000 repetitions of a word to learn it, and that a toddler needs around 50 repetitions. This seems like an awful lot of repetition! Yet, at the same time I know that I need the benefit of repeated lessons just as much.

Ashes and Sackcloth and the Hope of Lent

In the Bible, those who are in mourning, those who are repenting, those who are lamenting, wear sackcloth and ashes…I’ve never worn sackcloth, but as we begin looking toward Lent, ashes keep returning to my mind.

Giving Thanks in the Small Things

The Bible says, “In everything, give thanks because this is the will of God for you.” If we are so busy looking for things we do not have or do not like, we forget about the blessings already given to us.

Peace in the Kitchen

In some ways, celebrating Christmas this year will be like the very first Christmas. There’s no precedent for how to celebrate in COVID quarantine. But we’ll use the space and tools we have available to welcome in the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Joy – Really?

It’s the third candle of the Advent Wreath. It’s a little special because it is pink, representing Gaudete Sunday, which means “Rejoice!” It’s an important reminder, especially when we can so quickly recite a long litany of all the things going wrong, reasons not to be happy.

Perhaps Love

I grew up with A Christmas Together, an album with John Denver and The Muppets from their TV Christmas special…My favorite songs on the album have changed over the years, and “The Christmas Wish” is currently in my top two. When Kermit sings “I don’t know if you believe in Christmas, or if you have presents underneath a Christmas tree, but if you believe in love that will be more than enough for you to come and celebrate with me,” it hits me right in the heart.