What it Means to be Ordained as a Deacon

Deacons are called to be witnesses to God’s love and active presence in the World. We are called to participate in God’s work by being active in the World working for healing, justice and peace. However, we are also called to be witnesses to the Church regarding the needs of the world.

What A Breath of Solitude Has Taught Me

I often feel like I am on a hamster wheel of productivity and accomplishment. My body knows that. My heart, however, craves stopping and listening. In recognizing my time alone as precious and rare, I had doubled my expectations for myself. I didn’t want to waste a second, so I was reading as fast as I could and taking as many notes as I could. But when I paused and flipped back through the notes I had taken, they all seemed to be pointing in the same direction.

What Can We Do Next?

In late May of this year, the news broke of the death of George Floyd. What followed was a groundswell of emotional reactions from across the country and the world. At FUMC Hurst, one of our responses was to scrap our July plans and invite people in Sunday school classes and small groups to talk…