A couple of months ago, some of us were at it again…brainstorming! We were hoping to come up with a socially-distanced intergenerational activity to connect people safely…and that’s how #ChalktheLove came to be.

When I Sing Along With You…

I’d been thinking about writing a blog about one of my favorite songs, Everlong by Foo Fighters, and I’d sort of forgotten about the idea until I opened up YouTube this morning

School Supplies & New Shoes

…last week we picked up our son’s school supplies. It was different this year with curbside pickup, but there is still something about new school supplies. And today we went and bought new school shoes.

Island of Joy

Comparing ourselves to others is not a new phenomenon, but it seems especially rampant as we navigate life during a pandemic. Some people are baking, others are cleaning, some are reading all the books, some are watching lots of TV. I hope that whatever it is that brings you JOY right now does not get spoiled by comparing it to what is working for others.