A Backyard Sanctuary

I finished watering and took a chair, plunked it down on my dirt lawn and sat down. It was hard to admit but, despite the condition of my yard—the dead shrubs, the empty flower beds, it felt good to be outside.

Traditions vs. Trappings

There’s an underlying philosophy of “Why reinvent the wheel?” or “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”….I’m learning that it’s exciting to open our eyes to new possibilities. I wonder what traditions you need to review a little bit further? I wonder what trappings in your world need to be loosened?

Jump 4 Joy: It’s Official!

In our community as many as 37% of households fall below this survival budget threshold. This means that parents with full-time jobs may be earning enough for rent, or food, or childcare, but likely can’t afford all the things they need to survive.