Quotes and Quarantine

There are so many things that need our attention right now. There are so many things we would rather be doing than the things on our list. Many of us find ourselves procrastibaking, procrastinapping, procrasticleaning, procrasticrafting, procrastinetflixing.

Inside Out Church

I remember we often had Inside Out Day. On that day, you were supposed to wear your clothes inside out. I participated with glee, and I remember sitting in class, marveling at how different my clothes looked when I was wearing them inside out.

Bringing Joy – Books!

As I have for the last couple of years, I have a goal of reading 52 books this year. Because of COVID, I might actually reach that goal for the first time! Right now I’m sitting at 43….

Turtle Power

The turtles were named Judas and Zoboomafoo. Because who doesn’t name their pets after the disciple who betrayed Jesus and a lemur from a PBS program from the early 2000s?

A Prayer for the Mess

God, I’m a mess.
There are so many “hats” I must wear in a day
And I’m having to change them out a pace that is often exhausting…And the faster they spin, the more likely I feel they are to crash down around me.