Do-Be-Do-Be-Do – BE!

I have a large rock in my office that says, “The best way to do is to be.”  Yes, it sounds like one of those powerfully wise, mind-blowing thoughts that needs pondering – and even then we may walk away and think, “Wait, what?!” I am often a “Do-er.”  I am constantly thinking of the…

Understanding Gen Z in the Church

Gen Z’s need action. They need to see that adults believe in them. If you believe in our students, if you want them to feel a sense of belonging and purpose in the church, then Matt Rodgers wants to talk to you. Email him at


Now, I know that we all know that welcoming people and being hospitable are important characteristics of ourselves as a Christian community – and in general we are very friendly people.  But if you are like me, maybe we all need to be reminded again.