Post It Notes are the Best!

Post It Notes are the best. They come in all different sizes and colors. They’re convenient when you want to jot down a phone number or a short grocery list. And, they stick to almost anything!!! I love Post Its and always have a stash of them around because I’ve been known to use an…

Coaching Softball

I’ve been working on something new in my spare time. My daughter’s softball team needed a head coach…

The What and Why of Children’s Discipleship at FUMC Hurst

I shared these things at the parent meeting the other night and I’ve realized that some of you may be new around here, or maybe we just haven’t had these conversations in a while, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few things about Children’s Discipleship so that our entire congregation knows…

A Few Things About Me

I was quite nervous about my first blog post. I just wasn’t sure what to say. I asked around the office and was told that I could write about anything, to be creative…So, here goes nothing.

Olympic Spirit

This is not news to many of you: I love the Olympics! It doesn’t make much sense considering how very un-athletic I am, but I have been drawn to the Summer and Winter Games since childhood. There is something about watching people who have spent years training for one moment. I’m always so proud of…

Happy New Year!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine made a comment about how August, and the beginning of school will always be her “new year”… It got me thinking about the different ‘new years’ that are celebrated, and how these cycles and rhythms help shape our lives.

Connections: Inefficient and Imperative

am efficiently completing my to-do list, I am not stopping at Waffle House for dinner and asking why the waiter’s name tag says “Magical Cat.” Conversely, if I do stop to ask a question of connection, opening myself to listen to the response is inefficient.

If You Don’t Have Hope, Why Bother?

What am I doing to preserve our home planet? What am I doing to conserve our precious natural resources? Am I doing all I can?” The answer was no. But, reading Jane Goodall’s words gives me hope that I will do more.

Walk Your Wheels

I want to spend less time rushing around and spinning my wheels. I’m excited to see what happens as I intentionally slow my roll and “walk my wheels”. I wonder what you will notice or spend time doing if you also try “walking your wheels” for a bit.

How Tall is the Jesus Window?

The idea behind collective reasoning is that when a group of people apply brainpower to a problem, their collective wisdom can round out any one person’s error(s) in judgement. So in theory, the average of all of our collective answers to the question, “How many feet tall is the Jesus window?” would be closer to the actual answer than any one particular person’s answer.