God’s Whole Creation

In preparation for the season of Advent, I recently began reading a study called All Earth Is Waiting (by Katie Z. Dawson). In it she writes: “The vision of God’s kingdom that we hold in our hearts is a fulfillment of God’s plan for the whole creation. Theologically, we are invited to imagine that the kingdom…

New Every Morning by: Sarah Garza

“New” can bring on a sense of joy. “New” can bring on a sense of anxiety. Whatever emotion is elicited, the thing about “new” is that it fades.

Stormy Weather, Stormy Winds by: Sarah Garza

But the glow from the balloons was not the only show we got to see that night – just as the balloons filled with hot air and warm light, the sky behind us lit up with streaks of bright lightning as dark clouds gathered.

Health and Fitness by: Sarah Garza

Though there was sweat during the workout and an aching in my muscles afterward, it felt like good work…so I went back again and again…I go because I know that it is good for me, but I also go because of the people that we meet.