The Beloved Community

We live in a culture that glorifies the busy and over committed, and our youth have learned that from us.


Lent forces us to wait, forces us to sit in the not yet.

Making Space

As Sarah and her family get ready for the new, read about how she relates her readiness to this Lenten season.

Finding Sunshine 

Sunshine is vital to our mental health and many people, myself included, struggle greatly during seasons of lots of clouds and little sun.

Mister Rogers: Why Him? Why Now?

His show was all about affirmation, building people up, making people feel that their feelings matter, their ideas matter, that they matter.

Commit to Pray

CPS hires an astounding 200 caseworkers every month. I thought it was a typo. It’s not.

365 Fresh Starts

Ahhh, January. The month of setting a New Year’s resolution, choosing your word of the year, setting up new habits, cleaning out closets, reprioritizing, setting goals, etc. The list of “fresh start” types of things goes on and on. Some of us might be great at sticking to our “fresh start” ideas and others of…

Christmas Presence (See what I did there?!)

Merry Christmas! I write this despite the fact that I have already seen Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day items in the stores. I write this despite the fact that many are so “done” with Christmas that they can’t wait to get their decorations down and house cleaned for the new year. I write this as…

Once More, With Feeling!

Two weeks ago, I attended closing night of White Christmas at my niece’s high school. I went to support my niece in her work as the sound designer. The bonus is that White Christmas is one of my favorite movies. I was excited to see how it was adapted for the stage and I was…

Moments of Stillness

In this busy season it can be difficult to find moments of quiet, reflection or stillness.  This week in particular seems to have been packed with places to go, people to see and schedules to keep. Yet in the midst of the activity I have been blessed by moments of stillness. Moments where I was…

Secret Santa

Today, I saw God on the internet. I saw God on a site called Imgur, which is full of memes and comics, pictures of pets, life stories and general internet strangeness. The internet community of Imgur has a long standing tradition of hosting a Secret Santa. Members submit their names and are assigned someone to…