The Sacred Present by: Cathy Cartmill

This week I was charged with the task of writing my blog.  I had planned what I would write about, but my topic no longer seems relevant. I find myself in the middle of a time of uncertainty and a degree of chaos.  I think that I should be able to get a grip and focus on my blog, but I find that my mind is scattered.

So, what do I do?  I update my list.  You probably know about the list. You may keep one, too.  It’s the thing I do that gives me the sense that I have it all under control.  Only now that I have my list updated, I find that I have no energy for any of the tasks on it.  My energy has been thoroughly sapped by the twists and turns of this day.

I remember another day of uncertainty.  It was the day my mother had a massive stroke.  In a moment, the lives of everyone in my family were changed forever.  It was all I could do to breathe.  I felt frozen and unable to function.  My mother was my best friend, my closest confidant, the giver of my faith in God.  She couldn’t even speak. How would we be “us” now?

The days, weeks and months that followed were difficult, to say the least.  The chaos that occupied my heart and mind was almost unbearable on some days. Mom did recover her ability to speak and, although she was never the same, she continued to be a faithful example, showing strength and peace in the face of her difficult days.  I learned from her how to be grateful for each moment.  Her quiet heart taught me that peace is found in the stillness of the sacred present.

Isaiah 30:15

In returning and rest you shall be saved.  In quietness and trust shall be your strength.


Photo by: Mikael Kristenson

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