A Prayer for the Mess

God, I’m a mess.  
There are so many “hats” I must wear in a day 
And I’m having to change them out a pace that is often exhausting.
Or maybe it’s balls that I’m juggling 
And the faster they spin, the more likely I feel they are to crash down around me.

God, help me to breathe
To pause
To be still even for just a moment and seek rest in you.

God, I’m a mess.
I try to stay informed about events in my community, country and world
But Politicians threaten to raise my blood pressure
Fires, floods, hunger, job loss, climate concerns, racial injustice
Headlines overwhelm.

God, help me to breathe
To pause
To turn to you for wisdom and truth that will spur me to right action.

God, be with me in the struggle
Enter into the mess
When I can’t find the words, hear the crying of my heart.
Open my eyes to the small and holy moments that fill my days
I don’t want to miss You, and I know you are here in the middle of it all.
Help me to see you in the midst of the mess.

God of resurrection, I trust you with my mess
Trust you to take it 
And work to form something good, and holy, and life-giving.






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