Abby’s Understanding by: Cathy Cartmill

Jerry and I have one grandchild, Abby.  She is five now, and just started kindergarten at Hurst Hills Elementary.  Thanks to our FUMC Hurst Day School Administrators and Educators, who did an exceptional job of preparing Abby for Kindergarten, she has made the transition very smoothly and loves big school!

Three weeks ago, “Granddaddy” and I (“Mimi”) enjoyed having Abby spend the weekend at our house.  She loves playing with our cat, Anna Belle, and sleeping in her own room in her big, fluffy bed.  On Saturdays, She and Granddaddy always manage to rope me into a trip to Whataburger.

When Abby was three, her parents took her to Disney World.  This was a time when Abby was totally enthralled with all of the Disney princesses.  As you can imagine, Abby had a grand time!

There have been numerous times, since then, when we have talked about their trip. Granddaddy and I have both said we wish we could go to Disney World someday.

One Saturday, while enjoying a regular visit to Whataburger, Abby said to me, “Mimi, we’re going to Disney World again!”

“You are?!”

“Yes! Grandma is gonna go to her ‘Big Old Bank’ and get some money out so we can all go! Mommy and Daddy and me and Grandma and Uncle James…and you and Granddaddy!  Our whole family can go!”


What I love about this story is Abby understands that—while Disney World is great fun—sharing it with her whole family would make it even better!  That’s what I hope each of us remembers: on Disney World days and on ordinary days like this one, the best of days are the ones shared with those we love.

Luke 10:21

At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.”

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