My Playlist

My playlist is quite diverse. It consists of songs from: 80’s hair bands (Bon Jovi, Poison, etc.), Pentatonix, Taylor Swift, Country (new and old), movie sound tracks, Bruno Mars, Old Country Hymns, Alanis Morissette, Worship Instrumental, Chicago, Michael Jackson, Eagles, Maroon 5, Instrumental Praise, Twenty One Pilots, Gospel Classics, Adele,  Journey and more!

I’m not sure what this variety of music says about me, however, I will say that my music always seems to meet me where I am. I have the perfect music selections for when I’m feeling sad, happy, mad, excited, scared, grateful and uncertain. I have music that is cathartic and music that is comforting. I have music that allows me to honor sadness that I may be feeling and music that lifts me up from the sad and tired place I may be in. I have music that brings me joy and I have music that celebrates the joy I feel. I have music for everything.

I also love to go and personally experience music…music of any kind! In May, I spent an evening relaxing at Levitt Pavilion in Arlington with friends and I was mesmerized and thoroughly entertained by the music group ‘Black Violin’. This group was inspired to try something new and different with music and it was amazing. It was unlike anything I had ever heard or seen. This experience reignited my desire to get out and experience music again, something I had pushed off my priority list lately.

In June, I attended the Chancel Choir Concert “Lord Lift Me Up”. It was moving, it was joyful, it was inspiring, it was just what my heart needed that day. My experience the week prior was filled with 300 children, 178 adults, and 5 amazing Vacation Bible School days. To be able to attend this incredible choir concert the Sunday evening after a meaningful VBS week was just what my soul needed. I’m already ready to go back on to Livestream and watch it again!

Last week I attended youth so that I could hear my son play in Praise Band. I showed up a little early and caught the end of rehearsal. Watching these young people work tirelessly to get the songs just perfect was heart-warming. Watching the adults encourage the musical gifts in these youth with such patience made my heart smile. I wonder if these adults know the lasting impact they will have on these youth. I also wonder if these youth know the lasting impact their music will have on those people whose ears and hearts will hear it.

To me, music is a gift. It is a blessing. It helps me to fully understand my emotions and to fully honor all the emotions I feel. It is my release. It is my comfort. Music is part of my soul.

This week I am in the midst of planning the next set of Testament Travels Sunday School lessons. The unit is ‘Psalms and Songs’. I am excited about this unit. I am eager to share it with the children and yet it has taken me far too many days (weeks) to plan these lessons! Why? Because there is so much good stuff to share with them! How do I choose what to include and what to leave out? I want to include it all! Most importantly, I want the children to realize that the book of Psalms can help give a voice to their feelings. Expressing emotion can be challenging and this gives them a great way to do it. I pray that the children experience the book of Psalms as much with their hearts as they do with their minds.

I came across a quote this week. I’m not sure who said it, sang it, or wrote it, however, it expresses my love and understanding of music perfectly:

Music speaks what cannot be expressed
Music soothes the mind and gives it rest
Music heals the heart and makes it whole
Music flows from heaven to the soul.


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