Too Deep for Words

There are times in life where I just don’t have the words to say; Times when my heart feels weighed down and burdened with the pain and brokenness of the world; Times when there are no answers, or at least no easy answers; Times where my heart is broken.

In times such as these, I am beyond grateful for the Christian communities of which I am a part of.  I am thankful for those who provide me space to share “how it is with my soul”, even when that sharing is fraught with difficult and mixed emotions. I am grateful for a community of people I have learned to trust and share life with – people who will offer to share the weight of life’s burdens with me without passing judgment.

In times such as these, I am thankful for a Christian community of people who will simply offer their presence. I am also grateful for friends and others who are OK with silence – but in quietly being together offer strength, understanding, and compassion.

In times such as these, I am thankful for this Christian community who reminds me to look toward hope. A community that reminds me I am not alone in this often crazy, mixed up world. A community that has taught me it is OK to not always have words to say, to trust in the Holy Spirit to intercede with “sighs too deep for words” when I do not even know what to pray (Romans 8:26).

In times such as these, in light of current events, and continued pain, loss, and suffering … I may not have many words to say, but I lean into, and give thanks for, Christian community.  I look to the faces around me, who, through their very presence, reveal God’s love and light.

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