FREE Adult Computer Classes for Immigrants

First United Methodist Church of Hurst has been offering free computer classes to immigrants (refugees, asylees, and residents aliens) from different nationalities residing in the Hurst Euless Bedford (HEB) area since 2013. The goal of these classes is to teach basic computer skills to immigrants to help them obtain jobs.

One class participant tells the story of how this adult computer class has made a difference in her life.

“My name is Saumu. I am a 60-year-old native of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. I speak French, other African languages and a little English. I entered the United States in 2012 through the Diversity Visa (DV) program. DV immigrants in this country do not receive any kind of public educational orientation or support services when they arrive in the U.S.

When I was told about this computer literacy class for adults program at FUMC Hurst, I was skeptical. I had never used a computer in my life before coming to the United States and was not sure what to expect. Thanks to the expertise of instructors, I made great progress and learned many computer skills over the course of the class. Now I know how to apply for jobs online, type a résumé and create and attach files to an e-mail.

I loved the class and the opportunity to learn something new has helped me adjust to the American style of life. In addition to job skills, I’m saving time by shopping online and enjoying myself looking for recipes to cook for my friends. I am also using e-mail to communicate with my family and friends in Africa. The class has transformed my life and given me hope. My skepticism is gone and I am very thankful.”

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