Baby Steps

ba·by step
plural noun: baby steps

a tentative act or measure that is the first stage in a long or challenging process.a very small step or advance in progress

Over the last three months of being a new parent, one of the things I have noticed is how excited I get over the small things, the “baby steps”. I am amazed by the tiny progressions my son makes as he is learning about himself and the world around him. In just a few short months he has learned to smile, track objects with his eyes, roll to his side, lift his head, grab at and move objects and babble adorable baby noises.  And of course, my heart completely melted with his first sweet giggles. With each new step and each new skill learned I find myself celebrating with and praising this little boy. Things that I never would have thought much about are tiny, wonderful miracles for him.

It makes me wonder if we forget to celebrate the small steps, the tiny miracles, in our own growth and development as disciples. I wonder if we forget that, though sometimes small, the steps we take are a vital and necessary part of the longer process of growing deeper in our faith.

It’s not the size of the change that seems to matter as much as the fact that we are changing. Step by step we grow over time.

My son will hopefully continue to reach new milestones as he grows. I pray that the first “baby steps” in development lead to more complex and involved skills in the future. Likewise, I am reminded to continue to take steps in my own faith development.  In discipleship movement is key, and even the small steps are worth celebrating because I know that with each one I am growing.

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