UMW Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

Putting faith, hope and love into action is a familiar phrase that defines who we are as United Methodist Women. Our local unit knows that in the DNA of UMW is the knowledge that the word “love” in the Methodist tradition is a verb requiring action, not merely a noun. On April 19, members of FUMC United Methodist Women volunteered at Habitat for Humanity helping build a home at 913 Magnolia in Fort Worth.  As a result, our love became action as we installed windows, cut strips of siding, and painted.

In addition, we were able to make connections with people. Not only did we fellowship with other volunteers, but we worked with a woman who will receive a Habitat home in 2019.  We were able to hear her story as she paid what is referred to as sweat equity. As a recipient of a Habitat home, she must serve 250 volunteer hours. Her time is served working on her home, homes for others, as well as volunteering in the community where she will live. Reflecting at the end of the day, we were tired; but the tiredness gave way to an abundance of blessings.

We invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a member of United Methodist Women as we connect with people and put faith, hope and love into action.  Throughout the year, we have activities for all ability and interest levels. For more information about our unit, please contact Fannette Welton or Linda Jackson

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