The Journey

This week I am on vacation, so this blog was written in anticipation of some time away in one of my favorite places: the mountains of Colorado. I know some people are beach people, but I am a mountain person. I long for the cooler weather, the sound of a gurgling stream or river, the smell of fresh pine, the hushed quiet of a forest . . . did I mention the cooler weather? It is completely worth the 13 hour drive to get there, but it sure does take a lot of preparation for such a journey.

In the last couple of weeks there have been packing lists to be made, numerous trips to the store for random odds and ends, appointments for an oil change and tire check for the car, arranging to have mail put on hold and working ahead to have church responsibilities taken care of. Not to mention trying to figure out what is necessary (and what might make the trip easier) for a 13 hour car ride with an active toddler!

The journey itself, though long, holds the promise of lots of wonderful things. We’ll get to visit extended family along the way and take time to slow down and disconnect from our usual daily demands (and the never ending flow of information from the internet). We’ll get to gaze at a starlit sky far away from big city lights. The journey will give us time together as a family, time to let our son experience new things, and time to share well-loved places.

There have been times in my life of faith that I have felt I was spending a lot of energy making preparations for things. This season of life is one of those, as I continue along in the ordination process for the United Methodist Church. There are lists to make, tasks to complete, interviews to schedule, questions to answer and responsibilities to take care of.

But the preparations are only a small part of a much larger journey that holds the promise of lots of wonderful things. The journey is full of new experiences and times of great joy. The journey is marked by relationships built, love shared and time spent listening to others and to God. The journey is a beautiful thing all on its own.

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