Take Me to the Water!

I have an obsession with bodies of water. If it is an ocean, lake, pond, river, swimming pool or hot tub, then I want to be near it, on it or in it. I grew up being around water: fishing, sailing, floating, tubing, etc. We had to drive across a bridge every day to get home. I would stare intently at the lake at least twice a day, every day as we drove over it. The irony of my fascination with water is that, while I have always loved being near it, I have a healthy respect/fear of it. The fear comes from the fact that even at my age; I still do not know how to swim. (Please do not ask to teach me. I have never wanted to learn, and I still do not.)

I recently read a book called Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols and it talks all about the neuroscience behind the healing properties of being near, in, on or under water. I am a geeky science girl at heart, so it was an incredibly interesting read to me. The book talks about how water (especially the ocean) can stimulate all of your senses at once (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste). Even though water CAN be overstimulating, water has the amazing power of being calming and making you feel weightless (and actually when submerged in the water, you end up feeling no sensation at all). How incredible that water can be so stimulating and it can also be so peaceful all at once! After reading Wallace Nichols’ book, I have become even more fascinated with and overwhelmed by the need to be near God’s incredible creation of water. I am in awe of it. I am drawn to it. It may sound crazy, but I swear it calls to me.

The last page of the Blue Mind book beautifully sums up my feelings about my love and obsession for God’s incredible creation of water:

“All I really want to say is this:
Get in the water.Walk along the water. Move across its surface. Get under it. Sit in it. Leap into it. Listen to it. Touch the water. Close your eyes and drink a big glass.
Fall more deeply in love with water in all its shapes, colors and forms. Let it heal you and make you a better, stronger version of yourself. You need water. And water needs you now. I wish you water.”

After reading this book, I was inspired to spend even more time enjoying God’s incredible creation of water. Therefore, I took a last minute trip to the beach with my mom. It was amazing. It was just what I needed to recharge.

In the spirit of enjoying water, I hope that you will not just allow, but encourage your children to jump in the puddles, play in the rain, splash in the fountains and to interact with the water. I hope you will do the same for yourself. Experience God’s creation. Let it captivate you. If you are looking for me, you will find me near the water. If I am ever looking a little overwhelmed, please take me to the water.

And in the words of Wallace Nichols, “I wish you water.”

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  1. Jean Robinson says:

    I can so relate to the pull of water. It nourishes my soul!


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