From A to Z

Usually when it comes my turn to write the weekly blog I begin brainstorming by making a list of things that I might write about.  Events happening in my own life, in the life of the church, in the world, etc. This week as I began my list of events, thoughts, words, and topics I noticed that many of the lines of my list began with different letters.  So this week here is my ABC blog… (You can blame it on the fact that I am spending more of my waking hours with a toddler than I usually do and alphabet books are a big thing in our house right now.)

Your alphabet probably looks a bit different from mine right now, but may we all remember that Christ, the one who is the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end – is with us through it all.  From A to Z.

Adaptability – I have been amazed over the past week or so to witness the adaptability of so many different people, systems, and organizations, and for this I give thanks!

Boredom – a complaint that many of my friends are hearing expressed from their kiddos!

Creativity – like adaptability, but its own unique way of doing things.  I have witnessed creativity from my colleagues, from businesses finding new ways to do what they do, from my son as he plays, and in countless other ways.

Doctors – and nurses, paramedics, and all healthcare workers and first responders.  These are daily held in my prayers.

Emotions – like Jennifer Acker, our children’s minister, mentioned in her message a couple of Sundays ago there are a lot of big feelings to feel.

Flexibility – schedules are great, but I remind myself daily that it is good to remain flexible.  It is just impossible to account for all the things that may come up in a day.

Gratitude – I am grateful for friends who have reached out to check on me!

Home Office – wherever the laptop is.  It’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done!

Internet access – awareness of our dependency on it and a concern for those who do not have it.

Juggling – not actual juggling (though it would be neat if I knew how), but the juggling of a variety of responsibilities.

Knowing personal limits – I cannot do it all.  And that’s ok.

Livestream – I have truly missed being physically present at church in worship, and it lifts my spirits to be able to worship with my family knowing that so many others are still worshiping with us even at a distance.

Mail – taking the time to write handwritten notes to send cheer to friends.

Naptime – not for me unfortunately, but for my son. I enjoy the time of quiet to myself to work, read or rest, though they’re always too short!

Overwhelmed – one of those big emotions that pops up from time to time.

Prayer – together as a family, together as a staff, on my own throughout the day.  It keeps me centered.

Quarantine – a word that is taking on new meaning.

Reading – mostly children’s books, but also reading scripture and prayers written by others.

Singing – getting to share a love of music with my son – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row Row Row Your Boat, Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light of Mine, and (his favorite) Baby Shark.

Technology – technology, technology.  Using it in old and news ways to stay connected with friends and family.

Uncertainty – lots of questions, and attempting to rest in not knowing the answers.

Video Chat – goes along with technology, but has helped increase a sense of connectedness.

Water Colors and Walks through the neighborhood – two afternoon activities that my son and I have done together on an almost daily basis.  These and similar moments bring me joy!

X-tra intentional – about checking in with people I know who live by themselves.  (It’s a stretch but there aren’t that many words that start with X).

Yarn – getting to work on my crochet projects in the evenings at home.

Zoom – I have used zoom more in the past week and a half than I had in my whole life before now.  (I’m not sure if this says something about my age, or my skills with technology, or what…).

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