A Few Things About Me

I was quite nervous about my first blog post. I just wasn’t sure what to say. I asked around the office and was told that I could write about anything, to be creative. I even looked around at the other blog posts on our website but still couldn’t find inspiration for what I wanted to communicate to the church in my very first blog post. I thought about it over the weekend and I really just want y’all to know who I am. So, here goes nothing. Below are a few things about me. I hope y’all enjoy.

  1. Insists on using “y’all” as often as possible.
  2. Has a full blown library at home.
  3. Has read like 0.01% of my books.
  4. Watches spaghetti westerns at night.
  5. Wants to be a cowboy when I grow up.
  6. Believes comic books and poetry are equally the superior forms of literature.
  7. Enjoys tall tales.
  8. Once attacked a mountain lion to save my pregnant wife.
  9. Memes are OP.
  10. Ran an underground Yu-gi-oh card trading business in the third grade.
  11. Believes American football is the least effective football in the world.
  12. Muhammad Ali was my childhood hero.
  13. Holds a world record for a catfish at Glen Lake Camp.
  14. Champion of plain language.
  15. Spends an uncomfortable amount of money on comic books.
  16. Can focus on one thing for approximately twelve seconds.
  17. Proficient in Jedi Mind Tricks.
  18. Favorite hobby is rugby.
  19. Favorite sport is basketball.
  20. Luka Dončić is OP.
  21. Proficient in intentionally bad Photoshop.
  22. Proficient in memes.
  23. Master at intentionally bad advice.
  24. Enjoys good satire.
  25. Inspired by the creativity of others.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me. If you want to get to know me a little more or my plans for youth ministry, join me at the parent meeting on August 29. I don’t have anything inspiring or convicting to leave you with so I’ll leave my favorite poem below. It’s by Lo Aleman from We Sang A Dirge. Take from it what you will.

Casting Cares

Let’s be honest
Let’s not pretend this isn’t ugly
When it is

I promise
You can call pain by its name
Without wounding your tongue

You can confess your fear
Without forfeiting your faith
Or offending your Father

He won’t run away
He wants to hear
Tell Him all about it.

-Lo Aleman

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