Caring for Caregivers

Space for Grace is a monthly faith-based group focused on supporting caregivers. The next meetings are Wednesday, Feb. 9 and Wednesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. in the Bride’s Room (W120).

For several years, FUMC Hurst has offered a caregiver support group called Space for Grace. This group meets monthly in room W120.

The world is constantly changing and our church is changing this group to expand our reach. This blog will provide a look at some of the fresh, new ideas we are working on for this group.

Redefining Caregiver:

A caregiver is anyone who is offering support to a loved one who is experiencing a time of need. This includes those with loved ones who are hospitalized due to COVID or other illness, those who care for loved ones in assisted living facilities or rehabilitation centers, those with loved ones who are struggling with life-changing diagnoses, those who are rearranging their home or lifestyle to accommodate a loved one in need, or others who are in a caregiving role.

This group is led by Rev. Sarah Boyette and others, but its members are always fluid because needs change. Some people become caregivers for a short time and others become long-term caregivers. Those who attend are not obligated to continue attending, but are always welcome.

Space for Grace aims to offer both a place for respite and resources for the journey.

Redefining What We Do:

Whereas previously, Space for Grace offered an unstructured approach to sharing, we recognize that not everyone wants to discuss their loved one’s situation in a group. Some are more private and others grow weary of offering a report that continues to be hard news. Instead of our typical format, we are breaking up our hour with a section for a planned program and a section for fellowship.

We are planning guest speakers to cover such topics as: managing stress, counseling, meditative breathing and relaxation, and practical tips on working as an advocate for your loved one.

Redefining Our Reach:

We are starting to intentionally reach out to offer this to others who are not connected to our church. We will soon be advertising to the community through local hospitals, senior centers, and more.

Do you know a person or a group that we should reach out to? Do you have wisdom about caregiving to share? Please contact Sarah Boyette at or at 817-282-7384 ext. 1222.

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