Bright Spots: Naming God at Work

One of the practices we are taking on as a staff is to begin our meetings together by naming ‘bright spots’, naming the ways we see God at work in our lives, inside and outside the church. Big or small – doesn’t matter.  It has been a helpful practice for me, especially as we focus this month on reimagining abundance.  I find it all to easy to rush through a day, a week, or even longer without really stopping to notice God at work.  And yet, God shows up each and every day – abundantly – in big and small ways.  So here are a few of my ‘bright spots’ today – a few of the ways I see God showing up.  I hope it encourages you to take a moment today, and in the days ahead to notice your own bright spots – to name how God is working in, around, and through you!

(In no particular order…)

Sounds of children – they may be screaming at the top of their lungs on the playground outside, but it is joyful noise. I thank God for the gift of our Day School in my own family’s life, and for the gift it is to others in our community.

Brave lizard – who climbed all the way up on my second story window ledge, drawing my attention away from my to-do list long enough to remind me to slow down and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation.

New connections – celebrating with two people over the last week their decision to explore deepening connection with the church by taking the covenantal step of membership.  Excitement over the gifts they have and will share to help shape this community.

Dreaming conversations – with colleagues and friends about the possibilities of new ministries, starting new groups, reaching new people.

Grace extended – God working through someone else to be a real life example of the grace God extends to me and encouraging me to be the same for others.

What are your ‘bright spots’ today?

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