A Forgotten Hobby

This Lenten season I gave up screen entertainment. Meaning that I’m not watching any TV or movies, no YouTube or Facebook, no games on my phone or tablet (only Sunday through Thursday, I’m not that intense). Instead I am spending my free time focusing on more productive habits like reading, and having more intentional time…

Everyday Encounters

In worship this past Sunday, I shared briefly how I experienced a moment of gratitude while (of all things) washing the dishes. My hands were drenched in soapy bubbles and I was overcome by a sense of gratitude for the pots, pans, kitchen utensils, and baby bottles, many of which had been given as wedding…

Decembers to Remember

It’s December and December is a big month of remembering at our house. December isn’t just a big month because of Advent and Christmas, December is also a big month because of other things that happen in our lives too. December is the month of remembering big, life-changing events in our family. I love December…

The Peace of Music

One of my favorite places to have time with the Lord is alone in my car. There is something about driving that sets the perfect scene to open my heart to God. Having the freedom to sing off key or pray out loud with only God to hear me gives me a sense of calm….

The Sacred Present by: Cathy Cartmill

I remember another day of uncertainty. It was the day my mother had a massive stroke. In a moment, the lives of everyone in my family were changed forever.