Everyday Encounters

In worship this past Sunday, I shared briefly how I experienced a moment of gratitude while (of all things) washing the dishes. My hands were drenched in soapy bubbles and I was overcome by a sense of gratitude for the pots, pans, kitchen utensils, and baby bottles, many of which had been given as wedding and baby shower gifts. I was especially filled with gratitude for the supportive community of friends and family each of those gifts represented.  The givers of the gifts have prayed with and for me, encouraged me, challenged me, and guided me.

This instance of being caught off guard in the midst of a daily chore has continued to pop up in my wandering thoughts. How many moments and opportunities for gratitude have I missed in the last week? How many other ways and in how many simple, everyday moments might God have tried to catch my attention?

Too often I am guilty of hurrying mindlessly through the small tasks that make up a day. I forget that God is present not only in the dramatic mountain top experiences of life, but is even (and perhaps more importantly) present each day as I fix breakfast for my family, wash dishes, commute to work, fold laundry, call a friend, greet cashiers at the grocery story, or spend time playing on the floor with my son. Each of these moments can be just as holy as any other. I can recognize the beauty of created life, take time to be in prayer, give thanks for and share God’s love with others.

I hope to keep my eyes open to the ways the secular blurs with the sacred. I hope to continue to be caught off guard by gratitude, peace, and love. I hope to continue to notice my everyday encounters with God.


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  1. Linda Brothers says:

    Beautiful, Sarah, thanks for sharing your insights!


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