Tiny Chefs Who Cooked with Love

Connecting with people, connecting with purpose, and connecting with God are the three goals I keep in mind when preparing a children’s Sunday school lesson. Some lessons focus on one of those three things and some focus on all three at the same time. Our recent Sunday school unit, Women of Faith, focused on women…

Living into the Overlap: God, People & Purpose

Over the last month, I have had the joy of spending time with an adult small group examining our church’s understanding of discipleship. Connecting with God, Connecting with People and Connecting with Purpose formed the framework for the lessons and discussions that were shared. We looked deeper into both the biblical roots for this path as…

This Village by: Jennifer Acker

It is amazing that a simple act of children decorating rocks can connect the children to people and the purpose of being invitational for our church.

Stormy Weather, Stormy Winds by: Sarah Garza

But the glow from the balloons was not the only show we got to see that night – just as the balloons filled with hot air and warm light, the sky behind us lit up with streaks of bright lightning as dark clouds gathered.