Crossing Paths while Serving God by: Rev. Clint Jones

Those who know me well will tell you that I am not much of an early riser. I am much more prone to stay up late at night until 3:00 am working on a project or watching a movie than I am to be up at 7:00 am ready to go. Mobile Food Pantry happens each month with people serving arriving between 7:00 am and 7:30 am. I have found myself sometimes tempted to let this event slip by for a few extra winks of sleep. But, in time, Mobile Food Pantry has truly become a joy in my ministry here at First United Methodist Church of Hurst.

I am amazed at the diversity of questions I get at this event from our community. Questions have ranged from what the United Methodist Church believes about baptism, to how to get a title transfer on a trailer home, to how to work through a situation with one’s son who is hooked on crystal methamphetamine. Mobile Food Pantry Day is always a test of my knowledge and a way to learn about the lives of others.

I recall one Friday someone coming to me saying there is a young couple that wants to come to our church and has questions. I found them as they stood in line preparing to receive food. Vivian was about seven months into her pregnancy and she introduced me to her partner, Dustin. She told me how she wanted to teach her little one about God and she liked our church because we were helping her. Excited, I asked her address and learned that she lived about thirty minutes from First UMC Hurst with no available transportation. However, I then discovered she lives about five minutes from Meadowbrook United Methodist Church where my wife, Marilyn, serves as lead pastor. I gave her my wife’s name and office number curious if anything would become of it.

The phone rang in Marilyn’s office the next week, then it rang during subsequent weeks for a ride to church, and Marilyn was called when their daughter Mele was born. The work of First UMC Hurst and Meadowbrook UMC has resulted in Vivian and Dustin finding a church that is becoming their home. I am so joyful to say that Mele was baptized last week during Rejunvenate Worship on Sunday Night at Meadowbrook.

Vivian, Dustin, and their daughter, Mele with Rev. Marilyn Jones of Meadowbrook UMC.

I’m amazed how God through the work of the Holy Spirit brings us together in chance meetings and does amazing things through them. Thanks be to God that I didn’t pass up that day, and for what God is doing through this congregation and its ministries. My prayer this day is that we would be open and attentive to where God is calling us for even the briefest meetings could impact a life for many years to come.

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