This Village by: Jennifer Acker

It is amazing that a simple act of children decorating rocks can connect the children to people and the purpose of being invitational for our church.

Habit by: Rev. Donna McKee

Who among us hasn’t asked the question, “How did I get here?” THIS is how it happens – in increments so small we barely notice.

View-Master by: Rev. Clint Jones

…as decision time nears, I would ask us to think about what reel we will insert in the View-Master slot of our minds as we make our decisions about who will become our elected leaders.

Stormy Weather, Stormy Winds by: Sarah Garza

But the glow from the balloons was not the only show we got to see that night – just as the balloons filled with hot air and warm light, the sky behind us lit up with streaks of bright lightning as dark clouds gathered.


When success was finally achieved by one of the younger climbers, spectators and climbers celebrated as if all had reach the top of the world. The climber was finally asked the secret to her success. “All I thought about was getting to the top.”

What is your treasure?

What is your treasure? Have you give much thought about how you would respond if someone asked you what you treasure? Most people’s quick response is family and friends, followed by their faith and some might even add their job.

The Voice by: Rev. Donna McKee

It’s comforting for me to know that my mother’s voice is stored in my brain down deep somewhere. I know it has to be, because it comes out of my mouth so often!

The Sacred Present by: Cathy Cartmill

I remember another day of uncertainty. It was the day my mother had a massive stroke. In a moment, the lives of everyone in my family were changed forever.

Refrigerator-worthy by: Joshua Sams

With that in mind, our conversation turned from the standard media of art—oil, marble, bronze, etc.—to a nontraditional medium: our relationships. Do our relationships garner the same reaction from God that I longed to see on my mother’s face? Is he proud of our relationship? Does He see His love shining through us? Would God hang our relationship on His heavenly refrigerator?