View-Master by: Rev. Clint Jones

My wife, Marilyn,  and I were shuffling through some old boxes the other day and I saw one of her childhood toys. We ended up finding the circular reels with the pictures and inserting them in the slot of the View-Master that we had unearthed. As you may know, these depend on ambient light for them to work. So we both laid there on the bed staring up at the lamp on our ceiling fan reminiscing. We began seeing the world through the reel of the View-Master and the story unfolding in front of us. We sat there for the longest time talking about the Muppets, Disney World, and even a specialty set of View-Master reels from the now Santa’s Land theme park.

Over the past weeks I have listened to the polemical political firestorm that has been taking place upon our national stage. As with most topics of debate, I try to truly keep myself open to all possibilities that exist. I have combed through multiple international sources, sat through the hours of debates, and have prayed about what God would have me to do. This brings to mind that, as decision time nears, I would ask us to think about what reel we will insert in the View-Master slot of our minds as we make our decisions about who will become our elected leaders. As Christians, we are called to be different people. Yes, we struggle with our sins and shortcomings. But, when we are our best and most faithful, we allow the vision of Jesus Christ who came to Earth, dwelt amongst all people, spoke of love and abundant life, sought unity in the face of opposition, and taught us that in the end it is all in his hands, to guide us in all things. Jesus’s ministry should be the View-Master Reel for our lives and our choices.

If you are tempted to stay home, please be reminded Jesus never sat on the sidelines. Jesus was crucified, in part, because of his engagement with powers of his time and his willingness to challenge the state of affairs during his earthly ministry. In a recent class with our Congolese brothers and sisters, I learned how shocked they were that people who have the right to vote would abstain. They truly understand what it is to not to have a part of the political process. Considering my travels internationally, we are truly blessed by the ability to be part of a nation where we can take part in peaceful elections.

Will we sit out? Will we allow ourselves to be swayed by personal pursuits and party lines? Or, will we allow Christ to become the lens through which we live our lives and make our choices? The choice rests with each of us.

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  1. lizmotley says:

    I agree. We just returned from a visit to what was formally known as East Germany. They have still not recovered from the effects of communism. We learned how they would quietly submit to those in power after being told it was best for them to do so. By sitting out the election because of dislike of the candidates, a voter is slowly forfeiting one’s freedom. In doing so, one’s liberty is slowly being eroded.


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