(Re) Learning How to Cook!

I cooked quite a bit while in undergrad. Cooking is something I enjoy but, as a creature of habit, I found myself cooking from the same list of things I’d watched my mom make when my brother’s and I were kids. Mom is big into homestyle, comfort-food cooking which was really nice in college because oftentimes, after long days of school and work, I wanted nothing more than comfort food.

Now that we’ve been in quarantine for…a while, I’ve run out of options to try on the “Things To Do In Quarantine” list so I am having to spread my wings a little wider. As a result, I am re(?)learning how to cook or, I guess, just expanding the list of things I know how to cook. I’ve found a really fun way to do this. Instead of pulling cookbooks off my shelves or ordering one online, I’ve been following a blog called From the Pantry. A woman in New York is sharing what she’s cooking from the staple foods around her kitchen. She is finding new, creative things to cook and eat based on very limited ingredients and then sharing them with the world. The college student in me loves this because:

  1. College kids almost always work with very limited ingredients, dishes, space, etc. so this is great prep for those about to embark on their freshman year (looking at you, my wonderful seniors).
  2. I’m learning how to spice up foods that were starting to feel repetitive or mundane.
  3. I’m cooking things I never knew of or thought I had the ability to do.
  4. It’s giving me good conversations with loved ones and friends as we share ideas and pictures of our creations!
  5. And most importantly, I feel like it gives me a connection to the people of New York right now. It is no secret that they are experiencing mass numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths. People just like us are finding stress release through cooking and I like the feeling of sharing a meal (even if they are unaware of it) from across the country.

I’ve attached the link to this blog for any of you who may enjoy seeing the recipes being share by From the Pantry. Along with this, if any of you are like me and find joy in cooking, feel free to share your recipes with me! I’d love to see the things you’re making, feel connected to you and your families through the foods you love, and add to my list of things I can cook.


Elisa Anne

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