How Can We Pray for You Today?

Our Rooted young adult men’s small group meets every Wednesday, 6:45PM at Starbucks in Precinct Line, Hurst. We would always start our conversation talking about how our week went and even sharing our highs and lows, then we dive into our discussion using our small group material. Last week, we started using the Upper Room daily devotional guide. And last night, we spent time reflecting on Ecclesiastes 4:9–12 answering the May 3 discussion questions on pages 73 & 74, namely:

  1. What tangible reminders of the importance of prayer, community, and supporting one another do you observe in church? How do these physical reminders encourage you?
  2. For you, what is meaningful about praying in community? How do your prayers with others differ from your private prayers? Why is this?
  3. Describe a time when you witnessed someone acting as a bookend for another person. How did their support change the situation of the person they were assisting?
  4. Do you find prayer to be a powerful support? Why or why not? What other forms of support do you find powerful in your Christian community?
  5. Who buttresses you with their prayers? Whom do you buttress through prayer? How does having the prayerful support of other believers give you courage and strength?

While we shared various (and sometimes opposing) answers, we all agreed that we value each other in our group and appreciate the support and prayers we are receiving from each other. We were also reminded of the importance of the sincerity and intentionality of our prayers, and that faith indeed requires action.

We always end our meeting praying for each other’s specific victories and challenges. And we know that we all needed that spiritual discipline to help us grow in our faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, I invite you to reflect on the questions above—whether as an individual or as a group. And if you feel led to share your joys and concerns with us, our Rooted men’s small group would love to pray for you.

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