Where Did You See God Today?

This is a staple mission trip question. It’s also one of my favorite questions. I ask myself this question frequently, but especially when I’m not in a great head space.

These past few weeks have been on the chaotic side of things. In the middle of it all, I asked myself to look and see where God was.

The first thing out of my mouth was, “the youth”.

The more I work with our students, the more love I have for them. They are some of the most incredible young people I have interacted with. And no, I’m not biased at all!

Earlier this year we were invited to join a few other churches for a joint youth group. When we got to the event, there were several tables set out for us. Instead of spreading themselves out at multiple tables, our students crammed themselves at one table. A little confused, I reminded them of the other tables they could use. You would have thought I had asked them to sell their favorite dog. They insisted that they all wanted to be together and HAD to sit at the same table. I loved watching them laugh and be in fellowship together.

A while back I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We did our opening activity and worship outside. As students started to finish up, they ventured over to the playground. I looked over to see them all playing a game. No one person was in charge, and everyone was included. That’s what I love about these kids. No matter what we’re doing, they make sure EVERYONE has a place. They are a true example of all means all.

At the end of our lesson that Sunday we discussed what it would mean for us to answer when God nudges us to pack up and move like He did with Abram. I asked if this would be an easy decision to make or if there would be hesitations. Most of the adults, myself included, started listing all the questions we would have. Then two students stated, “well it’s God, so yeah, I would move. If He’s asking me to move, why wouldn’t I do it.” It’s been a few weeks, but I’m still thinking about this response. I get so caught up in my own anxieties sometimes that I miss out on what God has in store for me.

I could go on and on about how God continues to show up in our students. I encourage you to take a step back and see how God is moving through them.

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